Zones: Many zone powers apply their effect to creatures when the come into the zone or start their turn within them. Here is a list of clarifications which it comes to zones.

Starts their turn in the zone: Any zone that does damage or has an effect that it may apply does so at the start of a creatures turn if the creature is within the zone at the start of its turn. (This one is pretty common sense but is stated for completeness)

Enters the zone: This means that when a creature enters the zone, the zone can act upon the creature as an opportunity action. This has subtle yet important meaning. First off, it means that if a creature, on its turn, enters the zone, the effect of the zone can only be applied to that creature once. Even if it enters and then leaves the zone again since an opportunity action can only take place once on any given creatures turn. Second it means that forced movement into such a zone will not trigger the effect from the zone because forced movement doesn’t trigger opportunity attacks or opportunity actions.

Moves Into To see about zones that involve moving See Moves Into


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