Moves Into

Many powers and zones can affect creatures when they move.

Moving into a Zone For clarification of moving into a zone this means that each time a creature willingly moves into the zone they are affected by the zone. This means if you move into the zone and then leave it and re-enter it on your turn you are affected by the zone twice. However, unless the zone states otherwise, while in the zone the creature can move without additional consequence. Forced movement (Push, Pull or Slide) that places a creature into a zone doesn’t trigger this because the movement must being willingly done by the creature.

Moving to trigger a power This same ruling is used for non-zone powers such as a wizard’s storm pillar except each triggering square effectively acts like it is its own zone. Each square a monster moves into that is adjacent to the storm pillar they will be attacked. So a creature that moved in an adjacent circle around a storm pillar could would take damage for each square they moved, which would definitely not be good for the moving creatures.

If a spell triggers additional damage when the creature moves, force movement will not trigger it, however if the creature willingly moves, shifts, crawls, squeezes, teleports or takes any other kind of movement from the square it will trigger the powers effect.

Moving towards or away from to trigger a power Certain powers only trigger when the target moves away from or towards you. This distance is used by counting the shortest number of squares between you and target. If that number of squares increases or decreases because of willing movement made by the target then that movement would also trigger powers resulting from the target moving away from or towards you respectively.

Moves Into

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