House Rules

The following is a concise list of rulings I have made in the past or will make as a DM that might go against what is written in the actual D&D 4e rulebooks. Over time these might change if WotC comes out with some kind of correction to their previous rulings that addresses the same rulings I’ve made here.

The format used to list these rulings will be as follows:

Name of Rule
Description: Describes what the ruling encompasses
Explanation: Why I am implementing this rule

No Heritage Feats
Description: All dragon magazine feats that are labeled a heritage feats aren’t playable options in this campaign. This includes feats like Dhampyr, Deva Bloodline and the like
Explanation: Between, hybrid, multi-classing, background options, tribal and guild feats these are just a further mechanism to diversify the character but add many unbalancing or undesired aspects to the game.

No Dragonmarks
Description: Dragonmarks are from the Eberron campaign and all rituals, feats and powers related to them are not used in this campaign.
Explanation: Because this isn’t Eberron and dragonmarks don’t exist

No Spellscourge/plague
Description: No options associated with the Forgotten realms spellplauge/scourge are viable player options.
Explanation: Because this isn’t Forgotten Realms and the whole spellplauge thing never occurred.

New Feat: Implement Focus
Description: This is a feat I am allowing players to select that works exactly like weapon focus feat except it can be chosen for an implement category. This list includes Orbs, Wands, Rods, Tomes, Totems, Holy Symbols and Musical Instruments. If some power or option allows a player to make a weapon attack through an implement they have implement focus with they gain this feat’s bonus damage weapon attack’s damage roll as well.
Explanation: Weapon focus exists which carries its bonus of additional damage to certain implements like staffs so their is not logical reason why the rest of the implements shouldn’t be given a similar option.

House Rules

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